My fitness campaign has begun. The alarm clock set off at an early 4.45am today. Half asleep I found myself at Lifecycle Fitness out the back of Bronte RSL, sweating up a storm and my muscles already aching. Ryan Clark took me through my paces along with a dozen or so other frothing fitness fanatics like Ben Murphy, Trent Knox, Perth Standlick and super chef Matt Moran. For $35 a week and as many sessions as you like why would you not join up! I have a month in Bali coming up and want to be ready for Ulu's and outside corner. Just like the good old days!

As soon as I could see the first light I left the gym and headed to Coogee to get the sunrise. It looked like it was going to be a cracker but it fizzed out real quick with a thick blanket of cloud cover. Off to Maroubra and I was stoked to see some fun wind waves rolling through from the NE at about 3ft on the sets. Come back kid Quinn Darragh as pictured won the heat today with some swooping cutbacks, that he learned from all his time on Bronte reef, going toe to toe with Ryan Carr.

Enough jibber for one day. Enjoy!

PS – This is what happened last time I got fit and trained with Ryan Clark…Watch