If you’re not sleeping well in this humidity, join the club. It was a sticky one last night. I am day dreaming about some air-con right now as the sun heats up my office wall like an oven. Thank heavens for the fan I have blasting away as I type.

The sunrises have been pretty the last few days with patchy clouds filtering and refracting the early light. Making the choice of where to capture them is another story. There is no time to consider different options if you are rushing, half asleep, to an undecided location.

The swell is still from the east at around 2-3 feet, with Maroubra and Bronte catching most of it. The water has chilled a little with the consistent N-E wind up-welling the colder water from the bottom.

We look like getting a brief southerly change tonight which may bring some cooler sleeping conditions and warm the water a little, we will see. There is more rain predicted though, so get the washing done and keep the brolly handy.

That’s it from me today! Think I will watch a couple of heats of the Quicksilver Pro on Fuel TV and then hit the waves for a lunch time surf.

Have fun!