Freedom is something that most of us take for granted living in the lucky country. Today it has even more significance as we remember those that have fallen protecting our way of life and great land. Lest we forget!

While over here in Bali I picked up a cool little literature journal named Kurungabaa in which its content is inspired by history and ideas from the sea from writers and photographers from all around the world. I have pulled an excerpt from a story by writer Rebecca Olive's – Expression Session in volume 3.

" Surfing takes you places, asks you questions, opens up possibilities and shows you things you didn't expect. It connects you back to yourself through oceanic ideas, challenges and experiences, and describing all of this as freedom certainly makes poetic sense. The quintessential image is of one surfer on a wave, uninhibited, and limited only by their own imagination. It is truly in-toxicating " – Surfing is freedom.

I spent yesterday afternoon photographing people playing in the waves and being free at one of my favorite surf spots in the world. Racetracks, Uluwatu.

Enjoy your day off – Brad