Arriving at Bronte, seeing the blown out chops on the water surface, I thought ''…well, for your second report, you won't get many good action shots. Damn!'' And, I was right! Just a few dared to go for an early at Bronte today – with the surf still choppy, the set sizes a bit unpredictable and waves that are often closing out. You will have to wait until the winds ease, starting from mid-week, to ride anything decent. Patience…

Looking at the bright side, I got to see an amazing sunrise again this morning. It was even more amazing when I saw Flipper and his mates playing along in the surf between Tama and Bronte. Actually, I'm lying. I am not the one who saw them first, but a smiley lady (and a Frothers' fan apparently) did and was kind enough to share her discovery. The dolphins were playing, surfing and swimming around, bathed in the warm morning light. To have the life of a dolphin, with no concerns about the new work week starting, trying to get the kids ready for school, nor about their mortgage, heartache, taxes, or traffic jams. Happy as!

Well, I now have to get to work before the traffic becomes too crazy. Somedays, I wish I was a dolphin.

Carve are going to give away 1 x pair of sunglasses each day this week. Today just tell us who you wouldn't want to get in the ring with out of all the team riders and why – by visiting their great new website Should be a no brainer. Funniest answer gets a new set of shades!

Have a good one.