2 words – 1) Onshore 2) Mush

What a shame it was to have such ordinary surf conditions today. There was nothing to entice people out of bed on this Monday morning, not even the sunshine could do it. The onshore winds have turned the surf to a messy mush-fest at 4 – 5 ft with no hope of finding a local wave worth riding today. If you are on an RDO perhaps you're better off heading to the northside for some protection out of the devil wind. Wednesday and Thursday is looking better!

If you have an event coming up get yourself a Polite Photo Booth, "Because everybody loves a photo of themselves looking super-hot." They have hit the mark on this one. I've been to a few events now that have had a Polite Booth and they get a serious work-out. Madonna has nothing compared to some of the outrageous posing that goes on inside those booths. All of the social media savvy guests can share images of themselves looking super-hot, as well as strutting away with an instant print in their pocket. If you want to create an album with a difference for your next event then get yourself hooked up with a Polite in Public Photo Booth!

Catch ya – Brad