It’s been so damn cold lately! What happened to that mild winter we were having a few weeks ago?

The water has also been like ice lately and although I’ve been surfing a bit, I have been avoiding doing any kind of water photography for the simple fact that I’m a woos! I just can’t seem escape the hypothermic feeling that takes over my body after an hour or so of swimming in this 16-degree temperature, no matter how thick my wetsuit is. It would help if I had a little fat on the body, because I’m definitely no walrus. I need to get more Iggy’s sourdough into me from the bakery next door to our gallery, so I can fatten up to hold out the cold a bit longer!

With another decent and rare winter east swell pushing in at the moment, I decided to hit The Cape this morning. Hence the late report. I met up with those crazy adrenaline-seeking junkies, Mark Mathews and Sam McIntosh, who are amongst the hand full of guys that rule this place when it’s on, especially when paddling in and that’s what they chose to do today. The onshore was up early unfortunately, so it wasn’t that great but the boys made the most of it, as they do.

This looks like the last day of this demon southerly. Hopefully there will be something better on the beaches during the next few days. Today is just another right off.