This update is coming to you from a sleepy town named Gocek in Turkey. I arrived here yesterday for my real job (drivin a boat) after 24 hrs worth of flights, taxis and coffee. I was instantly hit by the blistering heat that this part of the world is renowned for at this time of year. I dropped the bags off – changed into a pair of boardies and whacked on a trusty pair of havianas, then headed off with my camera to the nearest beach.

Gocek has some magnificent scenery of which I have only seen a little in the short time I've been here. It is famous for it's stunning turquoise coast and beautiful mountains and is why it is a favorite place for boat owners to visit. This coming Saturday we leave port for a week long journey along the coast to Bodrum. Might even have a quick pit stop at FalarakiRhodos for old times sake!

Looks like you have waves back home. More than here at least. Think yourselves lucky. Now I got to get back to anti-fouling the bottom of a boat!

Cheers – Brad