What about that weekend folks? What a stunner! Today is shaping up to be a little beauty as well.

I hit Bronte and Bondi with the camera this morning. Dolphins came into the bay at Bronte for their portrait at about 6.15am while most joggers and early morning walkers stopped for a few minutes to soak it all in. 

Not much of a wave down there. Only a little grovelling left at the south end of Bondi and a right bank a bit further up the beach. Nothing too exciting at all. Craft of choice would be the longboard for most enjoyment. 

There are a few images in todays mix from yesterday. I spent all day at the beach rolling around in the shore dump and lurking under water going for different shots. Something I haven't done in a real long time. Much fun!

Filmaker Tim Bonython is touring with his new movie "Immersion" in October. Judging by what I have seen on the trailer – you won't want to miss it. There are two screenings. Thursday October 4th at the North Bondi RSL and Sunday October 14th at the Ritz. Do yourself a favour and book tickets online now before they sell out. 

Happy Monday – Brad