Bondi is like another world.

Tamarama was a silent, virtual ghost town before sun up. The purr of the diesel sand rake shaving it’s sweeping track across the beach, was the only significant noise to be heard beyond that of the ocean.

Tama wasn’t much chop anyway, with no real banks and a high tide I knew where the activity centre would be, where it always is – Bondi.

As soon as I pulled at The Hill, the ‘beehive’ was in it’s usual full swing – runner’s, boot camper’s, yoga and meditate-er’s, they were all making the most of a blazing Spring sunrise.

There were a dozen or so surfers sharing the new right bank in the south corner, the one that was a left until Huey got sick of it and decided to go switch for a while. I guess the goofy’s will be out of luck for anything forehand in the near future, unless we get another big swell to clean out the rip again.

All in all, it’s another magic day in the city. That little rain storm that chased me off the beach with my camera is long gone, so if you’re enjoying school holidays or have the day off work, get out and get amongst it!