I drove over to The Bra early and it was easily the biggest and the best of all the Southside beaches. Totally uncrowded as well, which is such a change from ‘Beehive Bondi’ where you literally take your life in your own hands, just by paddling out when it's small like this. The chances of getting run over by a beginner increase dramatically at this size.

After capturing some action and having a chat to some friends I haven’t seen in a while I ventured back to Bondi, picking up my water housing on the way in the hope of maybe getting an empty wave shot in the shore break. Unfortunately, I didn’t get one that was worthy of putting up but it was nice to get wet in the chilly 17 degree water. Always makes for a good start to the day.

Hope you guys have ordered your tickets for Tim Bonython’s re-edited ‘Immersion’ movie next Thursday at North Bondi RSL. It’s going to be off the hook with all the new big wave footage he has added. Click on the banner below to book.