I wish I could have some better news for you today. But I am afraid I just have to say it – It is still a bit crappy. It's struggling to hit the 1 ft mark out there and isn't at all inviting. 

This is your big chance to crack on with that long list of other stuff and get yourself sorted for the holidays! Maybe even do some overtime and score some brownie points at work.

We all know it's MOVEMBER and I have been hard at it raising money for the support of Men's Health issues like prostate cancer and mental health. So please CLICK HERE if your in a position to donate and give me a well deserved pat on the back for growing an awful looking thing on my face! A little goes a long way!

Xmas isn't too far away at all. If your starting to freak out – then pop in and see my lovely fiance at the gallery for a gift idea at 145 Macpherson St Bronte.

Waiting for the sunshine! – Brad