‘Red surf at night, surfers delight. Red surf in the morning, surfers warning.’ Well, it goes a little different than that but certainly applies to our neck of the woods lately, even if the ocean appears to be a lot clearer today. Bondi still has patches of this strange reddish colouring drifting in with the on shore winds. These should clear as the wind is predicted to swing nor east later.

This ‘Red Tide’ or algal bloom which has occurred this week over most of our beaches, has been quite an interesting spectacle for many and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it as extreme before. It is definitely a sign our water temperature is warming heading into summer. If you wish to have a little read on what it is and why it occurs, click HERE.

We thankfully have a few waves again today. It’s only small but there were some fun little peaks this morning shared by only a few surfers. Maybe the algae is scaring people off. Toughen up guys! If only you knew what we used to surf in before the ocean outfalls went in.

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