It's well on its way to being a cracker jack day. Who knows when the mercury will stop? All I do know is that it will be hot. Sprint over the soft sand kind of stuff! 

This morning I saw a pretty nice sunrise, two lovebirds having a cuddle in the surf, a couple of groms ripping on the middle bank, John Adams – who is out of action thanks to a high speed stack on his pushy, two glamours having a splash, some miniature tahiti waves on the shorey and Mrs Style having a morning walk on her log. 

Now I am off to slog it out in the shipyard! I feel an early mark coming on! 

Not sure what to buy the grommet this christmas. How about a framed print? Orders have to be in by 9th December! YOU CAN'T GO WRONG! We're at 145 Macpherson St Bronte – Open till 5pm then we're hitting the beach. 

Have a cracker you legends! – Brad