What is it about ‘Retro’? Long hair, short boardshorts and zip up, smooth skin, wetsuit vests? Maybe I’m just getting old or maybe it’s the fact that I lived it already. It wasn’t retro then though, it was state of the art, the modern era and no one was pulling out 16 foot redwoods and one piece bathers. But then, I guess a single fin, apart from the ‘cool’ look, is a lot easier to get to the beach… And ride!

Today the single fin is everywhere again, either a modern version of a classic or a real 70’s classic itself. Originals in good condition are pulling huge money these days and it was only 10 year ago or so that they were practically worthless, you could even find them in the rubbish dump. Wish I’d held onto all mine. Here is a classic retro clip from the 1st surf movie my Mum ever took me to. It started the dream of one day riding my one fin board in waves like this. Click HERE.

We are back in the wave doldrums again today with waves lucky to be waist high, if that. However, the water is still amazing and the sun is shining, so it’s not all bad. Hopefully we will start seeing some classic autumn swells soon. That last cyclone was a bit of a fizzer. Lets hope!

Have a good one!