What a howler of a wind it was last night. Luckily it was from the right direction because if you head to any east facing beach today you will find waves. The windswell has kicked to a very respectable and consistent 3 ft.

Maroubra was fun with options all the way up and down the beach. Plenty of seaweed around though. Be careful coz I almost drowned in it this morning. With just a pair of fins and a water camera it can get full on when you get stuck in it.

Nice conditions have set in for the weekend but the swell will slowly back off a notch or two which is a bit of a bummer. At least there will be something for our days off.

Don't forget you can buy Tim Bonythons surf movie IMMERSION online. It's one of the best surf flicks I have seen. It's worth adding to the collection!

All the best for weekend…. Tip of the day is to stretch! – Cheers Brad