Have you ever skin-dived or snorkelled on a ship wreck? It’s a pretty cool feeling, gliding over and touching an old, sea going vessel, that has at one time in the past come to grief in the ocean.

Right now, The Hereward wreck at Maroubra is once again uncovered. The 254 foot iron clipper ran aground at the north end of the beach during a storm in 1898 and was unable to be re-floated.

Randwick Council removed most of what was still protruding from the water line in the 1950’s, due to fears that surfers would be injured. What they left behind is usually buried under sand but right now it’s probably the most exposed it’s been in decades. If you wish to read a little more about it, click HERE.

As for current surf news, it's picked up a little but not much. Looks like a little pulse of something towards the end of the week but for the harder core local, I don't think it will be that exciting. Plenty of fun for all the intermediates though.