Another one. That's a few in row, hey !

Another cloudless sunrise, as warm as it looks, but with a little difference: there is a but more punch to the swell.

Only Bronte looked ok for a ride. Not exceptional, but good enough 2 footers. Bondi is flat, perfect for a swim.

We're that close to a long weekend that I can feel everybody getting excited already ! Any plans ?

If your only objective is to surf your arms off, tomorrow is the day to pack up a lunch box and go to Manly or Maroubra. You want to look for South protected corners. It may not be as big as Bondi could be, but it'll be cleaner, due to the Southerly. If you go to Manly, pay a visit to Taylor from the Shop Next Door: he's got the best surf shop in town. If you like handcrafted jewels, you'll be served !

Saturday might be the perfect day to the Eastern Suburbs Light winds and southerly swell.

I'll be exploring the rock in Ulluru, hopefully scoring some good shots. No surf for me.

Don't be a bunny, and have a great Easter weekend !