Big drop in swell size this morning, but what a nice day !

Now, the high tide this morning wasn’t helping, so maybe later we should get improved conditions. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually quite nice out there. Waist to chest high 75% of the time and a few odd ones overhead the rest of the time.

Tama and Bronte have had their days lately, and Bondi was the star of the morning. The banks are working well. The problem: the crowd ! The energizing early morning session can quickly become a frustrating moment…unless you’re ready to share every wave with 5 other dudes, or if you ride a ding-proof board.

Yes, it was a bit chilly at 5:50am. But as soon as the sun was out, the temperature started to be nice and warm. 25 degrees forecasted for today, and it’s due to last for the long weekend: 27 degrees on Sunday ! Yewww ! Probably the last burst of Summer 2012/2013. Make sure you take Friday off !

As the week will go, the board size required will grow. Go for a paddle asap !

I wanted to talk about skimboarding. I know what some of you are thinking. But hear me out ! Look at what this guys does: even the best of us with 3 fins would struggle to do what this guy does. AMAZING !

Have a great day !