The expected peak of swell has come through during the night. Lines and lines waves are coming through, fast, big, making the bay of Bondi choke on this overload of water.

The sand banks must be moving again on days like this, hopefully for the better. If you were one of the few keens today, you might have come in either super happy to have scored in those conditions, or frustrated by the close-outs and all the paddling for not much…especially if the little voice in your head was going ‘’boy…this sesh’ is gonna be hell…why did I come to Bondi again?!! I should know better by now…over 4ft, forget about Bondi !’’ before you went out.

After 7:30am, the fog settled in our City. It’s been a strike of foggin’ bad weather lately…but the weekend looks a look better than the last, with swell. Brothers, sisters and frothers: pray with me for a perfect surf day !

The Oakley Pro Bali is on again today, and Taj is looking good to go through the next round. Check it out !