As I stepped out the airport arrival hall yesterday, a little weary thanks to a ‘red eye’ from KL,  I  stopped and strip off my jumper. It felt unusually warm a I dragged my heavy board bag towards the short term car park pick up zone.

Was this a little mercy from the weather god’s for my return to Australia? While away, my beautiful wife had kindly sent me texts warning me to make the most of the equatorial, Indo heat, because Sydney had well and truly descended into the abyss of single digit morning temps. With the sun on my back, it felt nice to be home.

That swell is still around. Probably a good 5 feet, with a few bigger ones occasionally at Tama and the Bra. The wind has gone a little funky but should stay relatively light for the remainder of the day and into Saturday morning, before another southerly crashes the party in the afternoon.

Hope you have a great weekend. Get some waves!