It is Summer outside, with fun waves !

Ok, it's a school day and most of you must be spewing to be at work right now. Out there it's fun, warm, offshore, and not very crowded.

It's a late up-date today as I was high on drugs for the last two days. All legit, don't worry ! I've had a little surgery, which has taken more of a toll on me than I expected, hence why I missed yesterday's up-date. So, I had to give a miss to today's sunrise to get some rest. I came down the beach a little later than the usual and as I cannot carry heavy stuff, I just came down with one lens (70-200mm for the tech savvy), a polarizing filter, as the sun was already high in the sky, and a few dollars to write the up-date from the best coffee joint in town: Chapter One !

What I found was a perfect day. A day that made me mad to have stitches all over my body ! If you can go for a dip or a surf: do it !

If you have a few minutes to spare, check this out: ''Inside the Monster'', with some pretty awesome footage from Teahupoo.

Have a nice day !