Winter is over for us tomorrow at midnight, even though it never felt like we had one this year. It’s officially our warmest winter ever! Well, since records started to be documented 121 years ago and that’s still an unbelievably long time.

Depending on where you live in Australia, winter can either be bitter, chilly or just plain mild. Sydney winter’s don’t get anywhere near as extreme as Europe for example and I guess our coldest season would fall under the ‘chilly’ category.

This year has been freakish with many records tumbling, if not for all time, at least for many decades; hottest day, wettest month, driest month and now warmest winter and that’s just for Sydney. Makes you wonder what’s coming next!

Surf report – Better than yesterday, 2-3 foot NE wind swell. Try Tama or Maroubra for the biggest waves.

Our gallery is open all weekend from 9am-4pm and we have some great Father’s Day ideas. Come check us out at 145 McPherson St, Bronte, just down from ‘The Three Blue Ducks’ Café.

Have a great weekend!