Update 22nd August 2013

Clear, dark and starry before first light, with only a thin, golden band around the horizon. Some nice early colours eventually started the day. Purple to pink to orange and finally grey. It was all over in a matter of minutes and was all courtesy of the increasing cloud that should be with us for the remainder.

The swell is little more east today and this angle has Bondi’s rights showing more then they have the last few days. I wouldn’t say it was good by any means, as the banks need some grooming but still, there are waves to ride.

Looks like a nice, warm weekend coming and maybe even a decent increase in swell size too. Bring it!



Up-date 21st August 2013

Another blue morning at the beach !

Crisp, even a bit cold. The offshore wind is to be blamed for that !

Waves are small, but clean and playful. The more volume the better. The end of the week is looking good…Keep an eye on the forecast.

With the days starting earlier now, I could see the earlier surfing shift say g’day to the later one, just like in a factory. The 6 to 7am crew clocks out when the 7 to 8am team clocks in !

You probably have seen it, but John John’s perfect 10 (11?) at Tahiti still blows my mind ! The kid is not from this planet…

Have a nice sunny day !

Update 20th August 2013

Considering it was sunny, I was quite surprised by the lack in numbers out surfing this morning. The WSW wind was a little brutal, especially on the head and hands but there were some waves to ride and the few who made the effort were getting plenty.

In pro surfing news, Aussie lad Adrian ‘Ace’ Buchan kicked Kelly Slater’s butt in the final of The Billabong Pro Tahiti yesterday. It was a great win for the NSW Central Coaster and boots him straight into the top 10 going into the back end of the ASP pro tour season.

Ace is an absolute gentleman and standing on the boat, still wet, during his post victory interview he talked of how good it was defeating Slater and how worried he was, that he thought he may not have done enough to stop the world’s greatest surfer from catching his lead, during their epic half hour battle. But the gold for me was where he talked of his love for the Tahitian family he stays with in Teahupoo every year and how he his giving his trophy to them as a thank you for treating him like their own over the years. Very moving stuff, from one of the pro tour’s exceptional human beings!

On the home front, it should be picking up out there later, so pull on some rubber, get those paddle arms on and do something!


Update 19th August 2013

The run of good weather just keeps on keeping on. It's been great huh! What a fantastic weekend. I saw a lot of people in shorts and thongs yesterday – Even a few bikinis!

This morning is shaping up much the same way, lacking only a few waves. Yep there isn't much out there at all. It is dead flat. Winds will freshen from the west later which will wipe out any chance of wave riding today but on the other side of the coin it looks to be the start of a little system that should bring us some joy in the way of south swell towards the end of the week. 

Local shaper Andrew Harris from AH Surfboards took part in the annual Waves Mag Board test. Young ripper Kai Hing took one of AH's "Frother" models for a test run. Check out the review HERE 

Have a good one – Brad 😉

Update 16th August 2013

I was expecting a little bit more than what was on offer this morning. The swell kicked up yesterday and gave me hope that it was going to be on like donkey kong. It wasn't to be. Instead it was pretty much just close out city. I'm sure I could sense a little bit of frustration out there in the line up especially with the hundred or so surfers out there! 

Today's portrait is of Ross Messiter – He's been my physio since my school rugby days. He is just on O'Sullivan Rd in Rose Bay and if you want to know more about his practice or just after some good old advice on injuries – Check him and his team out… East Sports Physio

Enjoy your weekend. Don't think we will be surfing that much! – Brad 😉