Terri Guillemets said ~ “A cloudless plain blue sky is like a flowerless garden.” I tend to agree, especially where landscape photography is concerned. Sunrises light up way more when the right amount of cloud is present.

Then again, if I’m shooting in the surf I always prefer it clear, because the ocean reflects the colour of the sky and the whiter the sand on the bottom, the bluer the colour, especially between mid morning and afternoon. The mornings we mostly shoot can tend to be a little green in the low light.

So much for the photography blurb. As far as the waves are concerned, there still isn’t very much on offer but I was surprised to see it rideable this morning. As the tide fills in, that will certainly change.

However, it is looking a lot better for tomorrow, the period jumps considerably and these strong winds drop right away. Could be time to ditch the log and break out the short board again.

Have fun!