Update 23rd September 2013

After a week of good surfing, it’s always a let down to see the swell disappear. Not so bad I guess if you’re catching the bus for the city to sit behind a desk, or driving a truck full of tools to some job site.

You may have to survive on those surfing session memories for a while too as Friday, at this stage, looks like the next half decent paddle you may (or may not) get in. It’s a bit far out for the inconsistent internet, so don’t hold your breath at this point.

Two of Bondi’s finest Lifeguards set out on Saturday to ride their jetskis around Australia to raise money for mental health. If you have ever ridden a jetski in the ocean for any period of time, you would know how taxing it becomes on the body after a while. I can’t imagine the pain Jesse and Maxi will injure on this trip but it’s all for a great cause. You can check out their mission HERE.

Have a great week!


Update 20th September 2013

There is still a few waves around this morning. Just when we all thought it was backing off yesterday arvo – It has kicked again. This time from the south. On the sets it is hitting the 3 ft mark but the banks are straight and mostly closing out. The sun is shining though and it it looks set to be a great beach day. So get out there!

There is a bonus swell for the weekend too. Yes people you should be surfing all weekend. 

I am off to work now. My first day back at Bondi as a Lifeguard after a 2 yr break to set up our Frothers Gallery in Bronte. So if you see me down on the waters edge – please say g'day

Have a cracker of a weekend! – Brad 😉

Up-date 19th September 2013

What a day ! 21 degrees at 6:55am, some fairly clean waves…and no wind !

It seems that after a few days of horrible weather, Sydney is back to Spring-mode ! Enjoy it ! But if you can't make it today, don't worry: we are in for a good run of sunny days, with a little swell and warm temperatures…

…Taj made it today, winning the Hurley Pro, in a 100% ozzy final ! Yew ! That brings him one step closer to the top 3, while Mick is now leading the Tour. But Kelly is just behind, ready to ambush the blondie. It'll make the end of this Tour VERY interesting. It could almost be anyone's title this year ! Next step: FRANCE and the killer beach break of Hossegor !!

Have a nice day !


Update 18th September 2013

4:55am and the horizon is already beginning to glow. Shadowy figures with surfboards appear from unit blocks and alleyways, dashing through the darkness before momentarily revealing themselves in the headlights along Campbell Parade. 

There have been waves for days now and it’s a different feeling to the weeks gone past. Weeks of virtual flatness, where wishing and wanting had little reward and finding a different medium of exercise was always such a chore.

After days of waves the excitement can wane a little, but the need is always just as strong. Surf… I wish it never ended!


Update 17th September 2013

Well what a night of weather! Our tin roof almost blew off and if it wasn't for the SES crew that helped us out then we'd be mopping up a huge mess right now! 

So when I woke up this morning to do the report I wasn't expecting much at all. I knew the swell would have jumped right up with the strong north winds but I thought it would resemble a washing machine, but to my welcomed surprise Bondi looked the goods. There was some offshore action going down and sets were in the 4 ft range – The swell wrapping nicely around the corner of Ben Buckler. 

Franck Gazzola even hit the sand with the camera on his rostered day off from the report and nailed a nice shot of Perth flying in front of the Ben Buckler real estate. 

Today I am going to surf – The low tide might dish up some good ones! 

Cheers – Brad