3 hours away, and you're in a different World…

So close, and so far. So close to Australia, but so different. So close to the Alps, but so peculiar at the same times, those mountains and lakes have that twist that make them Kiwi, and Kiwi only. I've been so close to the Sea the whole last three days, but so far away at the same time that I have not seen the shape of a wave. Instead, I have explored this amazing South Island, so naturally beautiful.

And what better way to discover the white heights of New Zealand than from the air ! Heliworks in Aoraki have been the best ! They landed me us on the Tasman Glacier, showed us around the local summits, and gave the best fly-by over the crevasses of the glacier.

Unfortunately, those pleasures are to be enjoyed soon: most of those glaciers are melting…fast ! Within half our lifetime, some will be purely and simply gone. Bitter sweet…

Today, I was by the southest of the South…but I'll keep that for tomorrow ! 😉

Cheers (bru) !