It's been a looong weekend (which I hope went well), and therefore, there's only a short week ahead. How good it that ?!

Today's weather conditions are great. And this amazing weather will run for the whole week. And this small E-NE swell that seem to really like the banks in Bondi should stick around for a bit longer. Hopefully, it'll give us these long rights that I could see this morning before sunrise in the South end, before the high tide swallowed it all.

I would like to apologize for last Friday, but my camera gear was missing in action. I was not able to get it back on time for Friday morning's report. And tomorrow, I am sorry to tell you that there will be no report. But that's for a good cause: my cameras are going to get a nice clean before going to paradise on Saturday ! When you head down to Namotu Island in Fiji, you'd better make sure all your gear is ready ! 😉 (4 more sleeps now ! Yew !)

Have a great day !