Today is about the people that make Fridays Friday. The people of the stoke. The smiley faces, the fluro outfits that you thought only existed for 80's movies B-roles.

One Wave has striked again. They've overcome the lack of waves by an overdose of laughters ! They've made the sun shine even stronger in Bondi. They make people happy and make sure that those who are not are being taken care of, listened to.

So big up for those guys, who illuminate our beach every Friday, rain, hail or shine.

Now it is packing time for me. Monday, I'll be shooting in paradise, true paradise…But now it is about thinking of the best tactics to deal with airlines luggage policies. We all have to have a plan when we have a lot of toys to bring along !

Until I talk to you from the crystal clear waters of the Pacific, I wish you a great day, and an awesome weekend !