Today is Joel's up-date ! Why ?! Because, I feel terrible today, and still made my way out bed, convinced myself that I could shoot this morning despite the fever.

And then I met Joel. ''hey matey ! How are you'' he said. ''Well, pretty average actually. I'm here with my water housing, but I don't think I should get in the water. I'll just make it worse.'' I replied.

''No problem: I'll shoot your up-date mate !!'' he said with a ear-to-ear smile…''Really ? you sure ?'' I said.

''Well, I am sure that I want to do it, but I'm not sure of what I'll get ! ahaha !''

''If uge can do it and if you can do it, then I can do it !'' he added. (…nah…he didn't say that…)

Um well…''There you go buddy ! Thanks for that !''…and I handed my camera over to him.

So except for the shot of the coloured sky, there're all Joel Pilgrim's shots today (I only edited them). So congratulate him for the good job he did. Great effort for a first time, especially with someone's gear.

Two things that I have learnt about Joel whilst looking at his shots: 1/ He LOVES girls (not one single pic of a bloke at all !) 2/ he likes dogs (only the lab features, but there were more !).

Anyway, thank you to Joel, a Frothers' friend who stepped up to bring you this cracker day by email.



ps: waves are small but fun, and should improve with less water. It's going to be 30 today, so hit the sand !

ps2: follow Joel on inty: @joelpilgrim