Throwback Sunday, when the swell was pumping and the rails were smoking !

But wait, this could be a reality soon again. We could be in for round 2 ! 

Sunday, choose the North protected corners or South East facing beaches, and you could score some nice little waves (15 sec period !). Monday could be quite something again ! But this time, go for the South protected corners.

This morning, they were waves in Bondi. Small but rideable. But the most impressive thing I saw was the Fluro Friday crew: hundreds of them ! Surfing, SUPing in business suits, doing fancy yogi moves on the beach, etc…This crew does put a big smile on everyone's face. Well done guys !

I wish I could have shown you some shots, but the cameras have been getting a necessary and long overdue cleaning (which is why there has not been any update in the last couple of days): they do not like the salt water sprays and the ocean mist. And rust is the camera's worst enemy.

If you like skateboarding, and even if you're not a big fan, watch this ! It could be called ''the bigger the merrier'', or something like that. It is insane !

Have a great weekend ! I hope you score…