''Why aren't you taking me out ?! What have I done to you ?! I thought you were in love with me ! You said you were passionate about me, but you're not !''

My camera kept loosing its sh*t with me all last week. She gave me the hardest time, and this is what I had to deal with all week last week. I tried to explain:

– ''because I love you so much, I can't take you outside, you'll get wet, and you might get sick. And I love you so much that I don't want you to get sick.'' 

– ''yes, but what about all the Frothers ?!''

– ''what about them ?''

– ''Well, they'll be waiting for an up-date and get nothing ! I want you to take me out and shoot. You make me feel ugly right now, keeping me in the dark, in this bag, squeezed between a filter and a lens. Those guys don't speak the same language and have no conversation anyway ! Take me out or kill me now !''

…not easy to manage I tell you ! Cameras are high maintenance…

So today, I made her happy. Finally a ray of sun. Finally a bit of dry on a week day. 

Surf is small, very small even, but there was enough to slide and glide. Hopefully the rain will stay away for a bit (…but it does not look like so, unfortunately).

I hope you enjoyed the last couple of days. It was Summer again, and it was gooood !

Have a nice day !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

PS: Happy b'day Mum, Tracy and Jay (comme la bay)