Up-date 17th March 2014

We're under attack ! Bombs are dropping everywhere on our exposed shores !

Close-out explosions, rumbling noises, we're at war ! Weapons of boards destruction !

Seriously, the best swell we've seen in a loooong whiiiiile ! It's still a good overhead, sometimes double, on the East facing beaches. Tamarama had some smoking ones, but surprisingly, no one really tried to scored Bronte, even if there were some nuggets there. Just one lone wolf paddled away from the crowd to get the rights. They were less frequent, but he didn't have to share them with anyone else.

If you're not attracted by this kind of size, then try Bondi. It's the UN-managed area: no bombs there. Just some fair size waves.

The sun is out, the wind is blowing 0 knot/hour. It's got sickie written all over it !

Have a nice one !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)


Up-date 14th March 2014

Friday is a good day. Friday is a bright day. It's even more than that: it's a fluro day !

Small waves (still), warmer than yesterday for sure, it's not a bad day to hit the beach, and get a couple of small waves. With the lower tide, hopefully it'll improve.

Now the weekend forecast could be a real hit or a big miss. The reliability right now is pretty average, so let's see what happens, but this E ground swell and off-shore winds could give birth to the first decent autumn swell !

Now we have a special calling all Roosters Fans: the Eastern Suburbs Relay for Life Launch is on tomorrow Saturday 15th March, 5pm start at the Easts Club in Bondi Junction. Tickets are $50.00 and include a general admission ticket to the Roosters VS Parramatta Eels at Allianz Stadium, a generous food and beverage refreshments before and after the game at the The Easts Club and free transport to and from the game. And last but not least,a meet and greet with the players after the game back at The Easts Club ! 

100% of the money sold through tickets will be donated to the Eastern Suburbs Relay For Life.

Buy you tix here !

Up-date 12th March 2014

Medina closed the deal. The top guys are upset. Well, at least it'll spice up the beginning of this year's ASP Tour…

And on the women front, the obvious has prevailed: Steph Gilmore easily won her final vs. Bianca Buitentag. Steph should compete with the boys. She'd give some of the guys a run for their money !

Kelly and Mick lost their Quarters. Disappointment for those 2 title contenders, especially for Mick who was playing on his home turf. Let's see what happens next in WA…

For the normal surfers like us, with no sponsors, no stickers, and living on the Eastern Suburbs, the surf is tiny mini. You might have opted for a swim instead, under the amazing sunrise colours that this sunrise brought over our heads. Pink and orange colour paint all over the sky.

Have a great sunny day.


Up-date 11th March 2014

As some of you may have seen on my instagram (@franckgazzola) or on the Frothers FB page, I've spent some time on the Goldie Quiky Pro yesterday.

Great moments, in fun waves, where all the top guys made it through: Joel, Mick, Taj and Kelly will be competing today. You should be wacthing the live. It should be a great day.

Here are the first few shots. I'll share a few more tomorrow.

Bondi is bathed into a Summer sun. The water is clear, but the waves are tiny. Still worth a paddle with you 9fter.

Have a great vitamin D loaded day !



Up-date 06th March 2014

What a storm front yesterday arvo ! Doom's day !

It looked liked the end of the World was near. And you remember the discussions we all had ''what would you do if the end of the World was in 1 hour ?''…Well I guess I'd grab my camera, in case someone ever finds us, to show them how the end looked like.

Anyway, I got lucky with the sparkie shots, as I only had the minimum gear with me. No tripod. No filter. This meant, that only luck could help me since I could not use a slow shutter speed. Thanks to this flash of lightning that flickered, I managed to freeze it. I tried to get more, like a hunter, waiting for the first flash to go click click click, but that always happened when I was wiping the rain drops off my lens…frustrating.

On the beach side of things this morning, nothing much to report. the 20 knots southerly has spoiled it…

Now, I am on my way to the Goldie for work (the other work). Whether I'll be bringing back some shots from the Quiky Pro. Chances are slim, but I've packed the minimum gear, just in case ! Until next Tuesday, I can't guarantee the daily email, and Mr Mal is skipping. I'll do my best though.

Keep an eye on the Fluro guys tomorrow, who'll put up the fluro show at Snapper's tomorrow ! Good on them !

Cheers !