Within an hour, it went from night, to coloured sky, followed by a pretty dull half an hour, to finally bright sunny !

To witness this daily lottery (Is it gonna be amazing ? Are we gonna see some whales ? Dolphins ? Is it gonna rain ?), a pretty big group of watchers gather on top of the cliff at Marks Park. You had to be early to see anything exciting today. Colours came and went, just like this. A thick layer of clouds ruined the show a little bit.

Anyway, I decided to put the shots in the chronological order this morning. From before sunrise to 1 foot waves and the sk8 park. I skipped the lame photographic episode of Tamarama where catching a good wave was as challenging as taking a decent picture. Bronte had a couple of waist high runners, but with the higher tide, it might pretty disappear altogether.

Have a great day, Frothers !