Gloomy, dark and uninviting. That's for the weather. Happy, colourful and fun. That's for the vibe !

The One Wave crew is getting bigger, stronger, and ever happier ! And today, after gathering in the dark at 6:30am, they made a warm welcome to a returning member: Chris.

Chris is disabled and deciced again to leave the wheelchair on the beach. Supported by the One Wave team, he went for a couple of waves. I struggled to determine who was the happiest: Chris or the Fluro guys ? Hard to say. But both were on a high.

Why did Chris come this morning ? Well that's easy: he came last week for the first time and loved it. So, when he was asked yesterday whether he wanted to go for a swim or for a surf, he said right away: ''For a surf !!''.

See: one wave is all it takes !

Have a happy Friday !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)