Up-date 16th May 2014

..And a legend casually paddles out. Laird. The one and only. In Bondi, going for a few paddle strokes.

How did the fluro crew feel about it: delighted. And what about Chachi ? Well, she gave him a lay of flowers for him to fit with the rest of the gang. That's what I call ''quick integration''.

Now imagine how it felt for Charlotte ''Miss Antartica'' Piho ! 20 minutes of one to one SUPing with this legend, talking away, and giving advice. The cheapest SUP masterclass with the most skilled instructor in the World.

That's what I call a great start of the day.

Don't forget that the FROTHERS Gallery has got a show at the VIP lounge of the Fashion Weekend at the Hall of Industry at Moore Park. Go check it out.

I am off to China tomorrow, so there will be no update from the Eastern Suburbs next week guys. Sorry !

Enjoy the sun today!

Franck (insta@franckgazzola)

Up-date 14th May 2014

1, 2, 3, …10, …27,… 52, …73 ! Forget it: too many to count ! Bondi looked like China this morning !!

Is it the 2 to 4 foot waves that attracted all this crowd ? Or is it the warm water ? Maybe it’s because those are the last days of decent light in the morning to allow for a paddle and head to work before 7:30am ?

In any case, the end result is that line-up was packed. Crowded. Busy.

And with it, drop-ins left right and center (pun intented) and ironically empty waves. Here is how it happens: 4 people paddle, take-off, ‘’oh there is someone inside ! Let me move away’’, to the next person ‘’oh there is someone inside ! Let me move away’’, to the next person ‘’oh there is someone inside ! Let me move away’’, when finally the last man standing thinks ‘’thanks guys, now I’m in the white…game over’’…and there goes an empty wave ! 😉

Now, if you’re thinking about going finless, but you’re thinking ‘’yeah, but I wouldn’t be able to surf big waves’’, look at that ! Ok, you also have to carry a cumbersome SUP with you, but hey, you can toob-ride finless ! And the bonus for me in this video: it is shot at home.

And remember: for the fashionistas, we're offering 2 TICKETS FOR THE PRICE OF 1 TO FASHION WEEKEND SYDNEY! Simply buy here and enter password FWS12. The Frothers Gallery will have an exhibition going on there for the duration of the event, in the VIP lounge.

Have a great day.

Up-date 13th May 2014

Mini tiny nano waves this morning. Clean, I'll give them that…

This morning was a little in-between. In-between stormy and sunny, in-between wet and dry, in-between Summer and Winter (Autumn !). It looks now that the day has chosen its side: blue and sunny. That's good news !

The swell should remain small, but with 17sec period, it could be fun and the right moment of the tide, and with the right kind of board.

On a different note, the FROTHERS Gallery and the Fashion Weekend Sydney have been partering up, and some amazing shots of famous Mr Brad Malyon, Dave Campbell, as well as Mr G will be exhibited in the VIP Lounge from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th May. Go check it out !

And for the fashionistas (or the good husbands who want to get some browny points), we're offering 2 TICKETS FOR THE PRICE OF 1 TO FASHION WEEKEND SYDNEY!

Fashion Weekend is Sydney’s most exclusive shopping and runway event. Prepare yourself for designer shopping from 100 of Australia’s most sought after brands all at up to 70% off, runway shows styled by super blogger Margaret Zhang, beauty pampering, a wine bar, style advice and more – it’s Sydney’s best fashion day out! AND we’re offering you two tickets for the price of one, simply buy here and enter password FWS12. For more details visit www.fashionweekend.com.au.

Have a great day !

Mr G

Up-date 09th May 2014

The South corner of Bondi is doing some magic today. Barrel fest. Not always super clean and closing out randomly, but some gems are coming through still.

Sorry for the late one, but my week has been a bit of a bumpy road.

This allowed me however to give my new Nikon D4s a road test and shoot the lunch break shift, as opposed to the the brekky shift. I was frothing to try this new beast. Lucky enough to see the sun popped, but it's gone now already.

The weekend is on our doorstep. Good news.

Have a great day and a good weekend.

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 05th May 2014

This morning was pumping in Bronte, for those who don’t mind to get on the rinse program from time to time, and who are fine with the cold offshore.

Now that being said, I allowed myself a quick paddle yesterday, and the water feels like a hot bath. You’re actually warmer off paddling than standing on a rock with a cold metal tripod and a camera ! We were down to single digit temperature this morning at sunrise !

Bonte’s overhead. Big enough, but small enough that it is not saturating. Forget about Bondi: it’s Closeout-Land !

The week should be pretty decent swell wise and clear winter weather should hold for a few more days.

Have a great day !
Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)