brrrrrrrrrr……It was cold this morning. The Westerly has its pros (clean waves, pretty veils, blue skies), and its cons (cold, nasty germs, etc).

Talking about germs, I think I'm going down, most likely the infamous life threatening Man-flue. Not due to my supposedly raving activities on the weekend (I wish I did, but I just went to see the most boring Rugby game in History between France and the Wallabies), but most likely due to the cold weather. It's funny how easy it is to get used to Tropical climate !

You may or may not have seen this clip yet, but if you haven't, watch this ! It is said to be most likely the best GoPro footage ever. Endless barrels, several spits, and the cleanest pit of all…Worth spending 2 minutes watching this!

Have a great day.