The Blizzard is biting today.

30 knots that have transformed all beaches into a lake, and despite the clear skies, only a few brave souls (brave but warmly wrapped) went down the beach this morning.

Only Ed and a couple of other guys found some waves were there seemed to be none. Ed has spent more time on the nose in his early session than I have seen for a loooong time in Bondi.

The crazy people from the Action Film Festival are holding a film contest in Bondi in a few months. It's for action sports in general but they need more surfing videos. Here is a compilation of their top 20 video entrants so far and a bit more info about how to participate ! Man…those base jumpers are nuts ! Check it out !

They are promoting action sport athletes and film making in NSW and in particular the Eastern Suburbs. But if you participate, it's not because there is a video camera that you should die…be bold, but be safe !

Have a great day !