If you haven't noticed, the human migration has started.

Tens of thousands lightly dressed male and females are making their ways down to the shore. They come in from a couple of km away or from the other side of the Earth, but like a magnetic attraction, it seems that all end up on our coast strip, whether for a day, or for a whole season…

Some come to feed their artistic souls, walking the coastal walk. Some come for a paddle with 250 of their best mates. All come for color coating, but a few leave the sand with red marks that will remind them all week what they did on the weekend: pass out on the beach.

Waves are small-ish but fun, especially in this weather. Tomorrow's forecast is looking promising. Let's see what Tuesday will bring us… 

Have a great day. Make the most the DST: wash your day away after work !


Franck (insta@franckgazzola)