Foggy, hazy, busy, sunny, wobbly, shifty…Those would be my pick of adjectives for the day.

The beach is so packed so early, it's great to see. Everyone seems to love the early sunrises. Shooting in Winter mornings can be a bit depressing at times, being alone in the cold, waiting for someone to show up and bring life to the pictures. Right now, it's the opposite: If you want a shot without anyone in it, then better rock up at 5:00am !

The Morning Mo Sistas were down the beach this morning for their photo-shoot, led by Charlotte Connell, a role Mo-del, when it comes to generosity and act of kindness. If you donate $20 or more (tax deductible by the way) or if a man gets a health check, you can request her and her crew to wear for a day any Mo you'd like. Pretty cool idea ! Just think about the nasty handle bars…

Let's hope for cleaner and slightly smaller waves that can be handled by Bondi or that would really break nicely in Tama/Bronte.

Have a great day.