Today was longboard day. Even better (or worse, depending on how you look at things): it was hipster longboard day. Big logs, tattoos, no leggies, single fins, waxed heads.

Justin, from Foam Symmetry (the best surf magazine to my opinion) made my day yesterday: ''hey mate, coming down with Matt Chojnacki, Jake Bevan, Makala Smith in Oz for a few weeks from Cali and Pat Capocci''.

All amazing riders. I was frothing.

It was tough to choose 7 shots. I tried to give you a flavour of the morning, but there is a lot more. A lot of waves got surfer, a lot of toes touched the nose, a lot of knees got dropped and a lot of turns were carved.

Perfect day outside. Leave work early !

Cheers !