It seems that the bulldozers that have been pushing sand out to the Sea have ruined the banks…Can anyone stop them from doing more damage ?

The result of having a flat beach: with water in the bay, only the South end has some decent waves. This means you'll find one of the highest concentrations of pre-work wave hungry surfers in the World ! It's like being in the 8:15am lift going up in the office, or the 5:01pm one going down. You just want to hold your breath, and pray for no one else to get in between the top and the ground floor.


But tell me: how did you go yesterday with the horse races ? Any winning tickets ? If you have scored a ticket with N#5 on it, you might have a couple of spare dollars in your pockets. I'd suggest you keep those few dollars aside and come do your Xmas shopping on the new Frothers website in a couple of weeks. There will be a lot of exciting new stuff !!

Have you heard the rumour: Kelly would have injured his foot at Cloudbreak whilst shooting footage. Apparently, nothing threatening the upcoming amazing battle in Hawaii. I hope so. It's going to be such a great show…

Enjoy the day !