Hey Frothers,

It’s not too cold today considering we’re in July……

The Southerly is the superstar of the week! It made the French Connection happy once more, and me as well. Windsurfing is what brought me to the Ocean in the first place. From windsurfing, then I discovered surfing, and finally Kitesurfing. Windsurfing is like the ex-girlfriend that keep on speed dial. So I was pretty stoked to be swimming around with those happy blokes jumping and flying over the surface.

Francois did the show this morning. Sebastien suffering from his old age, and from pushing it a little too hard three days ago, Francois took the lead and went for big backloops. ”Go big or don’t go” were the words looping in his head.

It’s Friday folks. A lot of you are going away already today for a well deserved rest. Enjoy. Surf lots. Froth more. Enjoy the outdoors. Pick up your rubbish when you leave the spot. Have lots of fun. Be stoked.


Instragram: @frothersgallery / @franckgazzola