Hey Frothers !

I am very happy to be a new member of the Frothers Gallery and honoured to be in the company of some amazingly talented photographers.

I am a Peruvian artist, inspired by the ocean. I grew up in a small coastal town south of Lima, Peru called San Bartolo.

I have surfed and lived by the ocean all my life. I have a deep connection to the ocean and have always been fixated on the kaleidoscope of colours it produces, its raw energy and unpredictability.

I am always trying to express my creativity. Initially this was through drawing and painting but as of the last several years I have been fascinated by photography. I have discovered a medium through which I can recreate my connection to the many moods of the ocean.

For me, photography has been a personal journey, a quest to be inspired and share inspiration through my images, with others.

I am looking forward to sharing my journey and my art with all the Frothers out there, from my home on the Coffs Coast of New South Wales, Australia and also my portfolio of images from the Northern Beaches of Sydney and the best surf spots in Peru.

I wish you all a great Xmas!



instagram: @surfvisionsphotos / @frothersgallery