Hi Frothers !

Rather than moaning about the dreadful weather, or the rain that spoiled Australia Day yesterday, I thought I’d post some shots taken on Sunday morning in Crescent Head, on my way back from Byron Bay. I am hoping this would cheer you up a bit and make you want to leave town on a little road trip for less crowded waves, and barbie time with a couple of your best friends (sounds like a Corona ad…).

2 to 4 foot runners, great atmosphere in the water, impeccable sky. If you were lucky, you could get one of those gems, the wave that connects all the way, that took you from out the back to the river mouth. After I put the cameras back in the bags, I caught many waves, but managed to get 3 of those: they made my day. Over a minute of uninterrupted surfing. I tried to figure out how many waves I’d need to catch in Bondi to clock the same surfing time…

Today is kind of the ”back to school” day for most professionals. Hardly anyone is on holidays anymore. It’s full steam again till Easter. That’s alright. We’ll get through this. It happens every year…:)

Have a good day.



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