Hi Frothers !

I am missing Summer and the Bondi Beach vibes already.

I am sorry for the lack of news and consistency with the up-dates lately, but the weather conditions have also been pretty poor (today is finally looking a little more like a Summer day, with 2 to 3 foot waves to ride), and we needed to make some adjustments at the Frothers Gallery in order to allow for my upcoming travels to the North Pole.

Yes. To the North Pole. For 2 months, joining the Team of the expedition of Under The Pole for a once in a lifetime photographic assignment. Now you understand why I am gonna miss Summer and the Bondi Beach vibes…Outside temperature: between -20 to -40 degrees. Inside the boat (my base camp on the sea ice): -5 to zero. In the water (under the ice): -2 degrees. I am going to be the most tanned person in the whole of Greenland when I arrive there, that’s for sure!

Some people have asked me ”how will you get there?”: well, I’ll be flying out from Copenhagen. After 2 flights, I’ll then take a chopper to the last village. There, a Inuit guide will be waiting for me with a sled and his dogs, in order to cross the sea ice and get to base camp. Just getting there is going to be an amazing adventure. And I’m not even talking about the diving part…

I am stoked that I can count on great partners: GoPro, to get the best footage possible, in and out of the water. The Dive Center Bondi, for all the support and training. And last but not least Patagonia, to keep me warm in the toughest of the toughest environments.

What about the up-dates ? Well, we are going to keep you entertained with great images. We are just going to be forced to temporarily reduce the frequency a bit to 2 times per week for the time being. The beauty is that we’ll be surprising you. You won’t know where the next up-date will be coming from: North Coast ? Central Coast ? Greenland ? Peru ? Fiji ?

What about the Gallery? Can we still purchase frames, prints & all other artworks? Of course ! No change there. Cally Sheehan will be running the show from Bondi. You can hit her up on info@frothers.com.au or on +61 (0)401 311 128. She will be managing all requests, orders and questions you may have. If you are interested in advertising on the Frothers website, Cally will coordinate that too. Easy.

D-day -2 for me to take the big white metal bird with a red Kangaroo on the tail. Wish me luck.

Have a great day.


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