Hi Frothers !

I missed you guys…It’s been a while.

I am now on the other side of the Planet, where the rain is white and the water solid blue. Winter. A real one.

Still, people froth the same on gliding object, nature and action sports. I bumped into those hybrid sliders the other night, making the most of the breeze and a flat mountain top surrounded by white peaks. This is their equivalent of our after-work surf. Same same, but different.

I realized in the last few days that Australia has tropicalized me. I remember that the first Winter I spent in Sydney, I was laughing at people talking to me about the ”cold” Winter in Bondi. 4 years down the road, I started calling 8 degrees ”cold” as well, and keep the wettie until the water is 20.

Stopping over in France before heading out to the North Pole was the best idea. Not only because It was an opportunity to witness the beauty of my home country, but also to get used to the mild European cold. I was frozen for the first few days. 0 degrees felt like -50. And then the body gradually adjusted, and a couple of days later, I was diving under the ice whilst the temperature outside was about -17 degrees. Yes, cold. But it felt better already .

Tomorrow, me and my extra layer of fat (blame the  from the French cheese and cured meat…), we will be landing in the real cold. The -40 degrees cold. Where the sea water is hard and white. After months of preparation, I’ll finally be joining the Team of Under The Pole. The adventure is really starting now.

Frothing !


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