Hi Frothers,

Whilst Sydney was looking at 30 degrees, I was on my way to 60 degrees (!!!) colder weather.

To be honest, it is not as bad as I imagined. The air is so dry, that the cold is somewhat bearable, with the right gear of course (thanks Patagonia!).

I arrived in Greenland a few days ago, and after a couple of internal flights, I flew over by helicopter to Uummannaq, the last town before heading out to the middle of the sea ice the next day with my guide named Chimi.

Half a day of snowmobile across the ice. The landscapes are beyond description. The space is immense. The light is elegant and soft. As much as I love the tropical climate of Australia, I am falling in love with the Arctic. It is hostile, but extremely rewarding. You need patience, perseverance and flexibility for everything you do.

The last days have been very intense: getting used to my new base camp – a boat called WHY (…don’t ask me why…), learning about the safety procedures and rules to help face this hostile environment, getting to know the diving procedures, and of course diving, and shooting underwater (stay tuned). All of that make our days extremely busy. Everything takes a long time here, and the toll on the body is very strong. When the night comes (there is still a night…but it will soon disappear), we all take a glance outside, despite the -30degrees and the strong winds, just to see if there would be Northern Lights activities, and the last 3 nights, we’ve been extremely lucky. Long days…

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