Hi Frothers!

That’s a wrap-up for me in the Arctic.

After close to 2 months walking on a frozen Ocean whilst I am usually used to gliding on it, regardless of the toy chosen, I will be back to warmer temperatures very soon…in South America. But first, I have 6 days straight of travelling. Ikerasak crossing the sea-ice to Uummannaq (sleepover)- helicopter to Qaarsut – plane to Ilulisat (sleepover) – Plane to Kangerlusuaq – Then Copenhagen (sleepover) – Paris – Dubai – Sydney (sleepover) – Santiago de Chile, final destination. Frequent Flyer points written all over it !

As I leave behind the Arctic Ocean, the Sun doesn’t go to bed anymore, the temperatures are slowly rising to -5 degrees, making it feel like Summer when I compare it to the -25 degrees when I arrived.

I’ve met great people. I’ve been diving in the coldest waters I’ll ever be diving into, I’ve seen more life under the ice than I ever expected to. I’ve seen the most amazing landscapes that I have ever been blessed to see. I’ve done so many things that I never imagined I would do. I’ve had ups. I’ve had a few downs. But the taste of this Adventure is forever a sweet one.

Bye Bye snow and ice. Hola America del Sur. Off to see what the Chilean & Peruvian coastlines have to offer in regards to liquid water this time, and beaches made of sand and rocks.

Till then, hasta luego.


All shots’ copyright to Franck Gazzola & Under The Pole

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