Bula Frothers,

It’s been a while, I know. We’re finally going to get back to our usual routine. After months of exploration of North of the Sun and trough the South American wonders, I am back in the region, and stoked to be. Not in Australia quite yet (soon: in a couple of weeks), but close enough to feel the warmth of Summer currently building up.

I am back in paradise island Namotu (what a way to finish such an intense year of travel !). Swell is certainly here, but there is a surprise-guest at the table: the wind. Unusual at this time of the year, the South-Easterly has been relentless for more than 10 days straight now, and much stronger than normal. But the likes of Beau Pilgrim or Sean Woolnough find this combo extremely exciting, and as the Photographer on the island, I won’t complain.

We should soon get a relief, and surfing will be back on the cards. I’ll be there.



(instagram: @franckgazzola)