Hi Frothers !

I landed late last night from Fiji, and was frothing to hit our local beach in the morning to get back to the daily photographic routine, after 9 months of intense travelling.

So I woke up early and looked outside: grey, rainy, windy, & cold. The depressing combo. I thought I was back to Summer, but I feel we’re back in typical Winter day of July. What happened to Summer ?!

So instead, I’ll share a few shots from Fiji, as I think they’re far more worth your time than rainy shots of the ‘burbs.

Tomorrow should be looking much better for a stroll amongst the sculptures at sunrise. I’ll be there.

Sunny or rainy, It still feels awesome to be back in the Eastern bubble…This place rocks !

See you soon out there.


(instagram: @franckgazzola)